Honey Bees

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Today I watched as our first bee hive was set up.  Now for some warm weather and blossoms on the fruit trees!



Cantaloupe Storage

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Uncut Cantaloupe should be stored:

  • Unwashed (moisture increases likelihood of mold)
  • Room Temperature
  • Undamaged (bruising will spoil faster)

Once cut, store cantaloupe:

  • Washed (prior to cutting)
  • Refrigerated
  • In a plastic container (such as Tupperware)


Cantaloupe or Muskmelon?

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Cantaloupe, a type of Muskmelon

We're often asked something like

Is this a cantaloupe or a muskmelon?

The answer:  it is both, as Cantaloupe is a type of Muskmelon.
Muskmelon is a species of melon including more than just Cantaloupe.  But all varieties of Cantaloupe are Muskmelons.


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