Sweet corn

Submitted by Mary Stahley on

Sweet corn should be ready by this weekend!  The raccoons have already had more than their share!!wink


2013 Melon season

Submitted by Mary Stahley on

The melon season is off to a slow start.  Though the produce stand is open, it may be wise to call ahead as to the availability of cantaloupe and watermelon.  They have sold out quickly.


Honey Bees

Submitted by Mary Stahley on

Today I watched as our first bee hive was set up.  Now for some warm weather and blossoms on the fruit trees!



Cantaloupe Storage

Submitted by webmaster on

Uncut Cantaloupe should be stored:

  • Unwashed (moisture increases likelihood of mold)
  • Room Temperature
  • Undamaged (bruising will spoil faster)

Once cut, store cantaloupe:

  • Washed (prior to cutting)
  • Refrigerated
  • In a plastic container (such as Tupperware)



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