About Us

Image of Charlie and Mary Stahley


Charlie and Mary Stahley



Stahley Melons is owned and operated by Charlie and Mary Stahley.  

We are located in Northeast Colorado in Merino.  We grow watermelon, cantaloupe, and sweet corn.  

Our produce is homegrown and hand picked for the best quality.


Meet Our Staff


The taste test


Here we have Charlie doing a taste test of the watermelon with his grandsons Caleb and Daniel.

This is one of the wonderful benefits of   
helping out on the farm.




Gathering corn for the stand


Here are Charlie and Mary with a load
of corn for the stand.

Customer Comments have been, "this is the
best corn I've ever had!" and "it is so sweet and delicious!" 




Charlie at the stand



After a long day's work, the stand is full again,
and a day's accomplishment is done.  






Whether it is watermelon, cantaloupe, or sweet corn, we have some of the 
best produce in Northeast Colorado. We are here to serve you
and meet you with excellence.